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by Miranda on January 18, 2012

Some of you know that last year I had a little thing going that I started on Facebook as a way of keeping Idol out of my status updates and annoying my friends because you were there with me. That sort of grew into a little group of us who got together every week to snark on the contestants and judges. And soon enough, I had the crazy idea to spread Idol Snark over to Twitter using #idolsnark as a hashtag. And other people joined in. And I was excited.

**sidenote: I completely blame Dan for my watching Idol. He watched it and I started watching it because he watched it and for a long time it was the only show we watched together. I also blame him for my love of those crazy bitches on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Are you ready to be let in on a little secret?

Sometimes the internet does not suck.

It’s true. I know I’ve written about the internet and how it can suck before. (And yes, if you’re wondering, the friend request is still just sitting there. In friend request purgatory.)

But sometimes, the internet is the complete opposite of suck.

Today is one of those days.

(Except for that whole SOPA/PIPA thing. That is most definitely The Suck.)


So y’all know I love The Vampire Diaries, right?

(Stop rolling your eyes that I’m talking about this again and just stay with me.)

One day, I was just Tweeting up a storm about my new-found love for all things Salvatore when I suddenly found myself the recipient of the contact information for one of the guys who runs TV Fanatic. And they were looking for a new reviewer for their staff.

I pretty much grinned from ear to ear and my head exploded with happy at the thought of even maybe having a chance of doing two things I love:

  • watching television
  • writing

Then you throw in the third aspect:

Getting PAID to watch TV and write about it. INCONCEIVABLE. (If you can’t name that movie, I disown you.)

To say that I was interested is putting it mildly. I was interested on steroids. And crack. And speed. (ON not IN.)

I sent off an email and waited. And checked my email about 493832484 times. And waited some more.  And then checked the clock and realized that it’d only been about an hour and it was a Sunday and normal people did normal-people things on Sunday and I should just calm.the.eff.down.

And then I got an email back that, yes, they were looking for reviewers and could I send a list of shows I watch.


Psha. I have a color-coded calendar complete with which show is being recorded at what time in which room and when it premieres and goes on hiatus for the duration of its season!

(The above is a slight exaggeration. I do make a calendar at the beginning of TV season so that I can make sure my DVR and TiVo are set accordingly. [Yes I have both.] And so I can include any new shows into my schedule so that I don’t forget to record and/or watch them. The calendar is not, however, color-coded.)

The show they needed me to review?

American Idol.

Tonight is the season 11 premiere of Idol. And it’s my tv reviewing debut.

I have always said that my dream job would be one where I could get paid to write about TV.

Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

You’re coming with me on this new adventure, right? I couldn’t do this without you.

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