Not Super. JustMom

That’s have been the title of this blog for three years now. Not SuperJust Mom. But now the punctuations shifted a little. Or its shifting in my head.

I’m hanging up a few of my hats. I’m scaling back. My cape is at the dry cleaners. Indefinitely. For now, I’m just mom.

It feels good.


I’m two days into my new gig.

Joshua’s have been plagued with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease and I have been plagued with whining. And Emmas spit up enough for the four of us. Mostly through her nose. All over me and three burp cloths.

It’s glamorous, this new life of mine. Really.

But today we baked cookies. (The cheaters Tollhouse break-and-bakes, but still. Cookies.)

We declared today pajama day and lounged around watching Thomas and breaking out into impromptu dance parties.

We made Play-doh rocket ships and Joshua counted backward from 10, shooting BLAST OFF! after he got to 1.

We snuggled.

We sang.

The rug is littered with toys.

Sure, these are the things we’d do on summer vacation anyway, but this time it feels different. It doesn’t feel like I’m cramming all the fun mom stuff into my summer to make up for the time I won’t has come this fall.

It feels free.


It feels right.

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