Emma, 5 months

So, Emma turned 5 months old on Sunday. I had to paint her onesie that morning while Joshua sang Secret Agent Oso songs to himself over the monitor and I’m three days late in posting this update. It sucks to be the second child, apparently.

5 MonthsEmma 5 Months

The details:

  • No teeth. Lots of cranky. So, my boobs are still safe for now.
  • Speaking of boobs were still going strong in the nursing department, which is huge for me because by this point I was a dairy-free dairy cow milking myself with a Medela six times a day for Joshua.
  • I gave Emma tastes of a banana and a peach. To say she liked them both is an understatement since she tried to grab both of them from my hands to gum them to death.
  • Sleep is well, it’s a topic receiving much of my focus these days. Thanks to Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep and a whole lot of Googling, were working on it. (Not an affiliate link.)
  • She gets into crawl position regularly and then gets really, really pissed off at the world when she can’t move. I’m not sure there’s enough wine in the world to help me stay sane when she starts crawling and I have two kids moving in opposite directions.
  • If I put her into sitting position, she’ll stay that way for about 3 seconds before falling over, preferring to move around in circles on her belly.
  • She’s found her hands. She’s been chewing on her hands for a while, so she knew they were there. But recently she’s doing that baby on a trip thing where she stares at them like they contain the secrets of the Universe. And maybe they do.
  • She is not a fan of the bouncy seat or the Bumbo but will tolerate the Exersaucer long enough for me to grab a shower and get dressed.
  • She laughs. Like, legitimate laughter when I tickle her or when Joshua plays with her. It’s not quite belly-laugh status, but its laughter. And it’s adorable.
  • I think I’ve maybe finally won the car seat battle. Unless she’s sleepy and then all bets are off.

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