The Other Side of the Table

October 16, 2014

The other day (last week? Two weeks ago?) I was scrolling through Facebook and I stumbled across a status update from a mom friend. It was all about how well her son is doing in school. How he’s being praised for good citizenship, behavior, and academics. She’s so proud of him. She should be proud […]

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Kindergarten Mom

October 1, 2014

Let’s just get a few things cleared up before I begin my little vent here about being a kindergarten mom feels like I’m always flying blind. (Always.) 1. I’ve had wine tonight. Not so much that I’m incapable of forming a complete thought but just enough so that I’m feeling saucy. 2. I love school […]

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Mabel’s Labels: A Must Have for Moms!

September 17, 2014

School has brought about more than one change in our life, and considering Joshua has now been enrolled in two schools so far since we moved, we’ve had more changes than most. All of these changes, most specifically starting school, are the reason why Mabel’s Labels are a must have for moms like me. And […]

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Signing Our Life Away

September 6, 2014

When you buy a house, you sign your life away at the closing. The joke you’ll hear before mountains of papers start flying your direction is that you better get your hand good and warmed up because it’s about to be put to work. You’ll spend the next 45 minutes to an hour, maybe longer, […]

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When Mom Guilt Strikes

August 26, 2014

I don’t have a catchy title for this. I can’t give a shit about SEO. I just have a metric ton of Mom Guilt sitting on my chest and I desperately need to get it off because I can’t breathe with it there weighing me down. We’re moving. In 12 days. Yes, that’s right. We […]

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Just a White Girl

August 19, 2014

I remember the very first time I realized I was just a white girl. And I don’t mean in the sense that I became aware of my skin color and how it differed from that of my darker skinned friends.  I mean the first time I became aware that I was JUST a white girl. […]

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Be The Light

August 12, 2014

Some of you know that one of my freelance jobs is as an entertainment news writer. By now you’ve probably heard that Robin Williams died yesterday. He took his own life following a serious and prolonged battle with depression. When my professional and personal worlds collide like this, it’s hard for me not to stand […]

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Invisible Loss

August 6, 2014

It’s been a year since we said goodbye to my dad. A year ago today. I dreamed about him on Sunday. He was only there for a second, but he was there, greeting someone with a smile on his face, introducing himself, hunched over slightly to mask his height. And then I woke up and […]

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Dear Joshua, On Your First Day of Kindergarten

August 4, 2014

Dear Joshua, Today you started Kindergarten. I always fret and worry about you and big changes in your life, and man, this year is going to bring a few of those. Kindergarten feels like such a big deal, a much bigger deal than any change we’ve weathered so far. You feel so big and yet […]

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First Day of Kindergarten (Free Printable!)

August 3, 2014

You guys. My baby boy, the pioneer child, the one who taught me what it means to be a mom is starting Kindergarten. Tomorrow. (It won’t bother me one bit if you pin this. Nope. Not one bit.) Tomorrow I will have pictures and a letter/wishes for him to post here, because parts of this […]

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