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How I Knew He Was The One

When I was in college, I lived alone. At least for a while. While I lived alone, I got a cat. Because I wanted a companion and also because I was an English major and also because, hey, I was alone. And sort of in a quagmire of aloneness where it seemed appropriate to have a cat.

His name was Cooper. He was kind of an asshole.


This is Cooper at around…8 months old? 10 months old? I don’t know. Under a year and way less fluffy and fat than he eventually got around to being.

So I was alone and also lonely. Then I got a new roommate. Then one night my roommate and I went out and we met Dan. And the story of that night is maybe the first story I should be telling, but I’m not telling it right now because it’s late and I’m tired.

But I met Dan and he and I started dating and Cooper kept being an asshole.

He peed in places he shouldn’t be peeing. Like the bed. Or folded towels. Or dirty laundry in the basket. (And also not in the basket. My bad.)

Dan was not Cooper’s biggest fan. Cooper was not Dan’s biggest fan. They both mostly liked me though so we sort of made it work, the three of us.

Cooper used to do this ridiculous thing where he’d get all high on his own energy and start running laps around my living room. One day he made the loop. The loop that went something like fly across the carpet, jump onto the couch, run as fast as you can across the couch, leap across the coffee table and onto the arm chair before cat-apaulting yourself into the floor and then do it all over again.

If you’ve spent any time with cats you know what I’m talking about here.

So Cooper was running the Kitty 500 in the living room one Friday night and then he broke his leg.

Yes. A cat. Who should always–supposedly–land on his feet. With a broken leg. Except I didn’t know it was broken. I thought he’d just landed funny.

The next morning I went to work at the bank and Dan volunteered to take the cat to the vet for me where they sedated and X-rayed the feline and probably did all sorts of undignified things.

Cats are nothing if not proud of themselves and their dignity.

I got a phone call at work “Hey, so Cooper’s leg is broken. They think a splint will do it. It’s going to be about $350.”

I nearly fainted. $350. On the cat’s leg. That was, well, that was A LOT of noodle-and-sauce-only spaghetti.

“So, I know you’re kind of tight with money, so I’m going to go ahead and take care of this for you.”

Dan paid the bill. Even though he hated the cat. (The hating the cat thing is kind of important.)

I cried. My Cooper! Broken leg! $350! Dan paid it! He’s the BEST! And then I went on back to work in the drive-thru.

And then I got another phone call. I could hear Cooper in the background meowing and quite obviously unhappy. He hadn’t even made that much noise the night before when he’d fallen off the chair and broken his leg in the first place.

Dan was frantic. Panicky.

“So, something, uh, happened…when I tried to get Cooper out of the crate and I don’t know what to do and he’s really in a lot of pain and he’s hurt and I don’t know what to do” and he choked up a little bit. And I cried again.

He hated the cat and he was near tears because the poor thing was hurting. I raced home and my mind flew between “THIS GUY IS A KEEPER!” to “MY POOR KITTY CAT!!” to “OMG! AN EMERGENCY VET VIST!” and “THIS GUY IS A KEEPER!”

We took Cooper to the emergency vet who put an actual cast on his leg–purple, which looked lovely against his orange fur. And then we went home to snuggle the poor, broken-legged kitty. Together.

I knew he was the one because of the way he treated a hurt animal. With compassion and concern.

(I later found out that I was allergic to the asshole who continued to pee everywhere, including the carpet and a couch, which is part of the reason he no longer resides here–the allergy part, not the peeing everywhere part–and went to live with an aunt who wasn’t allergic and also had no kids. Cooper was an asshole who hated kids. And I am allergic to cats.)

A Fun Date With Food Trucks

You’ve heard of food trucks, yes? A slew of them have rolled into Atlanta in the past year or two. As their popularity has increased, so has Dan’s interest in their offerings.

Knowing about his interest in the food trucks and his love for trying new things, and because we don’t get out without the kids nearly enough, I scheduled the sitter for Saturday afternoon and carted him off to the Atlanta Food Truck Park for a date.

(Actually, I made him drive.)

For the most part we split everything and ordered appetizers to keep down costs (and calories) and just made our way through some of the trucks there that day.

Atlanta Food Truck Park

We started with a truck called Grilldabeast and tried their panko-fried avocado and smoke-fried wings in sweet chile sauce. A nice way to start, for sure.

Then we moved on to WOW! Food Truck for their arepas. Dan ordered one with smoked pork and one with beef. That beef arepa was my favorite thing all day. The tender brisket. The cheese. The Kicky sauce. Mmmm.

Next came meatball sliders from Mighty Meatballs. I saw the Bahn Mi meatball and knew that Dan would like it. It was his favorite of the day even though he said it’s not what he would’ve chosen for himself. (Wife win!) The chicken meatball slider was good but the sauce needed a little more flavor.

Our final selections came from the Taco Buggy. The Mexi-Can’t beef taco was fantastic but I’m a sucker for salsa verde and the Dirty Sanchez was definitely tasty.

And then there were the dessert trucks.

Atlanta Food Truck Park

Because it was technically Dan’s day, I got the Penelope cupcake from YumYum Cupcake. A chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream icing.

And then we visited King of Pops. This was our third time being able to visit a King of Pops cart and I have yet to order anything I didn’t like. While the Caramel Sea Salt popsicle is still my favorite, the Raspberry-Lime was tasty. The Watermelon-Orange was also a good choice.

By the time we finished our popsicles, we were full. And our sitter time was almost up.

What makes this a really cool date is that there are different trucks at the park every day, so we could go back and do this again and experience totally different food. There’s a huge greenspace available for kids to run around, plenty of picnic tables, and live entertainment, so we could take the kids if we wanted to.

(Except then we’d have to share everything with Emma and the only thing Joshua would eat is the popsicle. So, kid-free afternoon it is!)

We get kind of caught up in being parents and in our work, that it was really great to get away for just a couple of hours and enjoy some food and conversation with Dan. His willingness to experience new things is one of the things I love about him because it forces me to try new things, too.

I’m glad I have him.


Lucky Number Seven

It’s been seven years since I stepped into the sunlight on an unusually blistering afternoon in May wearing a white dress that weighed what felt like 20 pounds.

Seven years since we said “I Do” in front of friends and family and then ate cake and drank punch and drove off toward our shared future.

I spent the weekend writing this post in my head. Turning over the words I would say to explain what it means to have spent seven years together.

I wanted to sit down yesterday, our actual anniversary, and write down all the thoughts I have about this life we’ve built. But because our life has grown more full and busy–and because I’m a master procrastinator and also chronically in search of a nap–here this is. A day late.

(Truth be told, getting last year’s post together was just as difficult. That’s our life now.)

Some people talk about seven years as being a proving ground for relationships. They talk about the “seven year itch” as being the time when couples decide they’re not in it for the long haul anymore and so one of them leaves or they part ways.

We’re not that couple.

We’ve survived a lot in seven years. A kitchen remodel and two bathroom renovations. New jobs.

We’ve vacationed and we’ve staycationed.

We’ve weathered storms of both the Mother Nature and marital varieties.

We’ve given life to two beautiful children who are the sum total of all the good parts of both of us. And some of the bad parts of us, too. (I’m looking at you, bossy and stubborn traits.) Without a doubt, Joshua and Emma are the best things to come out of this partnership of ours.

In seven years we’ve had our share of arguments. But then we’ve gotten over them. Usually because Dan does something that makes me laugh and I have trouble staying mad when I’m laughing.

But even when that hasn’t worked, when we’ve needed time, we’ve still moved forward. Because we’re in this together.

Life is better with you by my side.

Happy 7 years, babe. Here’s to 70 more.

seven years

Under the Sea: The Georgia Aquarium

Dan was out of town for three days this week on business, Emma had a couple of bad nights, and Joshua’s still refusing to nap. Basically, I want to be Rip Van Winkle and sleep for 100 years. Even after two relatively decent nights of sleep and an excellent nap yesterday. I’ll sleep when my kids are in college, right? Right.

But while Dan was out of town, one of the guys he was on business with (who is not from here) mentioned the Georgia Aquarium and said “I hear that place is really great!” Dan was all “Uh, well, we’ve never been.” We’re kind of lame like that. Atlanta has so much to offer and we almost never take advantage of that fact. I think both of us going to New York in the same week but not at the same time has been a kick in the pants to explore a bit more. So last night Dan bought tickets to the aquarium and today we got up when the kids did and embarked on a little adventure.

I could narrate our entire Under the Sea adventure for you, but it’s way more cool to narrate and show you pictures, so here goes.

As you walk into the aquarium, there are funny fake tiles as if the dolphins have left their tailfin imprints. I got a kick out of them even if no one else did. And that’s part of the Atlanta skyline overlooking the World of Coke. We had to stop so Dan could take Joshua to potty and I was bored. Thus, skyline pictures.

Georgia Aquarium

Several of the exhibits have these glass observation domes. Joshua kept calling them “bubbles.” You can climb into them and you get an almost sort of 360 degree view of that part of the water. He kept asking to find the bubbles. He also wanted to keep petting the star fish. Emma chilled and then fell asleep. (Good girl, Emma. Good girl.) In that tiny picture in the middle of the bottom row, Joshua’s across the glass from an African penguin. I wish we’d started at that exhibit instead of saving it until last.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium’s big attraction, or one of the big attractions, is its Beluga whales. They were beautiful. I could’ve stood there staring at them for hours. None of my pictures of the whale sharks turned out well, but those were cool, too. And that tank was enormous. The whale sharks are currently 22 to 25 feet long and will get up to around 35 feet long.

Georgia Aquarium

We also saw the Dolphin Tales show. We didn’t know it was a musical with a storyline and thought it was just dolphins doing cool tricks. So it was a little cheesy but a lot of fun. Emma nursed through the whole thing and Joshua was entranced by the water jets and flashing lights. And the dolphins, too, of course.

All I could think of when I was watching the show was how badly I wanted to be swimming with those dolphins. I suddenly wanted to go back in time and become a marine biologist/dolphin trainer/person who swims with FREAKING DOLPHINS. Because seriously. That was awesome.

The Georgia Aquarium was really cool and I’m glad we finally went. Part of me wishes I’d gone before having kids so that I could really see everything, but part of me is glad that my first experience with the aquarium was through Joshua’s eyes. He was so excited. Until he wasn’t excited anymore. There were a couple of meltdowns as he started to get tired and we managed them and called it a day without seeing everything. So that just means we have to go back at some point to see the rest of the exhibits.

Here are a few more pictures that I loved.

Georgia Aquarium
Breathtaking, right?
Georgia Aquarium
Emma. Just chillin'.
Georgia Aquarium
Eating fish at the aquarium.
Georgia Aquarium
So close, yet so far away.
Georgia Aquarium
My heart right here, y'all.