Who Am I?

Hi. I’m Miranda. Thanks for stopping by!

Who am I ?

Not SuperJust Mom started as a way for me to talk about trying to conceive without driving my husband crazy. He looked at me like I’d lost my mind most of the time. And I had.

Then one day I was pregnant, and I used the blog to document the pregnancy and aftermath.  And man was their aftermath.  An unnecessary cesarean that contributed to postpartum depression and anxiety, a child who didn’t sleep, a dairy allergy and reflux, weight loss woes, and trying to find the elusive balance between work, home, and motherhood and just trying to stay one step ahead of everything.

I wear a lot of hats and don’t look particularly great in any of them. At least not all the time. I quit my full-time job as an English teacher to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. But in January of 2012, I landed my dream job as a reviewer for TV Fanatic, so now I’m a work-at-home mom. Basically, I get paid to watch television and then write about it. It really is as awesome as it sounds.

The husband plays a role around here in the manner of keep-Miranda-from-going-insane-and-do-the-occasional-load-of-dishes.  He tells me I’m pretty when my hair is dirty and I’m not wearing make-up. He cleans up nice, too. He also never fails to make me laugh when I need it.  So I’ll keep him.

Joshua’s pretty much the most awesome kid on the planet even when he doesn’t sleep through the night and throws a tantrum the size of Texas. I mean, there’s always coffee to help me through the next day. And wine. Watching him learn and grow has been an amazing experience for me. Every time he does something new it’s proof that I’m not totally screwing him up! (uh) Maybe he won’t need therapy after all! Hooray!

In April we welcomed Emma to the family via med-free VBAC. She’s brought ruffles! and pink! to my life and I love it. She’s also brought spit up. Lots and lots and lots of spit up. She’s probably the cutest baby on earth and I’m not just saying that because of I’m her mother.

I love babywearing. And breastfeeding. And co-sleeping. I’ve recently ventured into the world of cloth diapering both to save money and to save the Earth.

But I feel like you should know that I am not a Supermom.

At bestand worstIm average. We don’t do perfect here.

Sometimes Im awesome, sometimes Im not.

Most of the time Im right in the middle and Im learning to be okay with that.